Blockman GO

Create your own personal avatar and live an interesting life in the virtual world! You can choose any appearance and style you like. Make him a regular guy or an informal guy – the choice is yours. The game has a handy character maker that lets you make your fantasy come true. When you are ready, start the game. You won’t find any boring and monotonous missions or quests here. You can think of any activity or task you want and do it yourself. The game has cities in which you can play. There are many locations where you can make up your own games. For example, you can play hide-and-seek or catch-up games with your friends. You can also try your hand at being a chef, an artist or a shop assistant. But the game is not limited to that, if only because you need your own house.

Building a house

You can build your own house and you can make it look the way you want it to look. Want a cosy little house? You’re welcome. Want a massive castle? No problem! You can build absolutely any structure, but the main condition will be resources. Usually they are stone, metal, wood, but you will also need glass, gold, sand, and so on. You’ll obtain them yourself in the forest, by cutting down trees, in mines and at mines. Once you’ve gathered the right amount of resources, you can create the materials you need to build a house. When everything is ready, you can decorate the house however you like. You can put fancy furniture there or make it in a gothic style – the choice is yours.


The game also has dangerous areas where you may encounter enemies from other players, dangerous animals or monsters. You need weapons to fight them – clubs, pistols, bows and arrows and so on. You make your own weapons, but each type of weapon may require different materials. In some cases it will be very hard to obtain. For example, you may need gold or diamonds. Each type of weapon has a different power. Accordingly, to get the strongest possible weapons you need to spend a lot of rare materials. However, doing so will allow your character to defend themselves better. Your character will have a different health level, which will drop each time he or she is struck. If it drops to zero, your character will die and be reborn at the last save point. To maintain your health level, carry health elixirs with you. The same elixirs are available for your mana level. They allow you to quickly regenerate after combat.

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