Bedwars Roblox

In this game you have to fight enemies high in the sky. All battles will be fought on cots. But these beds can fly! Your task will be to defend your bed and attack your enemy’s bed. But first you need to create a character to play with. You can make him absolutely any appearance – it doesn’t affect the game. Much more important is your ability to control the bed in the sky and your skill with weapons. Weapons are an important part of the game, because you will use them to attack your enemies. In the game you will find grenades, shotguns, flamethrowers, swords, bows and arrows, to name but a few. The more expensive the weapon, the stronger it is. To buy weapons you need money, which you’ll get as a result of successful combat.


There are plenty of modes in the game for you to try out. For example, the battle royal mode. In this, you need to fight against all the players in the game. To do so, you need to fly close to the other players’ roves and attack them. You can also try the team-based battle mode where you will have four teams of players fighting against each other. Each team has up to four players. The mechanics of the game will be similar.

Game Rules

Each player has a different health level. It decreases if your bed is regularly attacked by enemies. You need to manoeuvre and dodge the attacks of your enemies to keep your bed intact. If your health level drops to zero, you will lose and fall down. So you must try to protect your bed in every way possible. Don’t forget to upgrade your weapons so that they are as powerful as possible and do as much damage as possible. You will also be able to exchange weapons with other players and get various rewards for a successful battle.

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