BedWars Blockman GO

Today, you’ll dive into a world of battles using some rather unusual gadgets, namely your beds. This will be your vehicle and the target you must defend. The game has several stages and the first stage is the creation of your character. You choose his appearance and clothes. This does not affect the game in any way. After that, the game enters the active stage where the combat will take place. All battles will take place in the air. You will need a weapon to fight with. You will have a basic set of weapons that will allow you to develop your character and win many battles. But with time it will become unusable, as your character will develop and his level will grow. Your enemies will also grow in level and become stronger. So how do you get out of this situation?

Buying and developing weapons

You always need a weapon for combat. As stated earlier, you will get a starter set of weapons, which will be usable at first. To get new weapons, you have to buy them. The game has internal currency, diamonds. You can buy them yourself with real money. You also receive diamonds as a result of successful battles. You can spend them to buy weapons such as bows with arrows, axes, guns, etc. The higher the price, the better the weapon.


Battles are a major part of the game. You’ll be fighting high in the sky against your enemies. They also have beds. You will have a total of two objectives. The first is to protect your bed. Manoeuvre to keep the enemy out of your bed. If it is destroyed, you will fall down and die. Your second task will be to destroy your enemy’s bed. To do this, you need to fly as close as possible and attack the enemy’s bed. But remember that you are particularly vulnerable at these times and can also be attacked. There are several modes in the game, such as the battle royal mode or the team battle mode. There can be a total of 4 players in a team. If at least one player survives, the team wins.

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