Blockman GO – Adventures

Join hundreds of other players in the popular game! Here you’ll dive into a world of adventure and exciting battles. Like previous games in the series, this game starts with character creation. For this, the game has a separate maker that allows you to create any look and feel you want for your character. When you’re done, save the result and move on to the game. First of all, your character needs a weapon to play the game. He will already have some arsenal, but these are basic weapons that will be ineffective as your character develops and levels up.

How do I get a weapon?

So how do you get weapons? You have several options. You can buy them with diamonds. These you will get every day and as a result of successful battles. Or you can buy diamonds for real currency. There is also an option to get weapons by completing missions and various quests – you may choose any option you feel comfortable with. Weapons are essential attributes during combat, because you will lose without them. Weapons differ not only visually, but also in their capabilities. The more expensive the weapon, the more powerful it is. You can also level up existing weapons, making them better.


Battles will take place in different locations, which are built of blocks. Your task is to navigate through them and try not to fall into the abyss. You can also build up additional blocks. To do this you will need a variety of resources – stone, metal, wood, and so on. You can get them by mining them yourself. In addition there will be enemies in the locations – other players who play through multiplayer. You will have to fight with them. To do this, use the weapons you have. Also remember that each player has his own level of health. If it falls, the player dies. You may also die if your health level drops to zero. If you win, you will receive rewards. For example weapons or diamonds, which are currency in the game. You can also buy diamonds yourself.

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