Blockman GO 2

Immerse yourself in a fascinating world! Create your avatar, the character you’ll play in the virtual world. Create any look and feel you want, use your imagination and don’t limit yourself. You can make him into a freak, a hippie or a regular person. The choice is yours. After that, start playing games. Your main task in the game will be to collect resources. And in fact it will be your only task, because here you will not get boring missions. Collect the necessary resources – stone, wood, metal and sand. From these you will be able to create different materials that you will need – bricks, boards, glass and so on. Build walls in your house, make a roof. You can create any kind of house you want. It can be a small house or a huge fortress – it’s up to you to decide.

Huge locations

Not only will you be building houses, but also travelling the world. You will find a variety of locations and interesting places. The first is the city. There are many houses and shops where you can play together with your friends. You can also buy things here, like clothes and weapons. You can also visit forests, deserts and caves. There are creatures living in each place and sometimes they are very dangerous. For example, they can be dangerous animals or monsters. You will have to fight them. You will need weapons to do this.


You can make your own weapons or get them by alternative means. For example, to create a weapon, you need different materials from which you can craft a sword, bow with arrows or baton. Each weapon has its own capabilities and power. It all depends on the materials you used to make the weapon. You can also buy weapons using in-game currency or by exchanging them with other players. Your character also has a health level that you need to keep an eye on. If it drops to zero, the character will die. Therefore, try to keep your character’s health level up with different elixirs and food.

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