Bedwars Minecraft

In this exciting game, you’ll battle hordes of enemies. To do so, you will need a vehicle. But it won’t be a car or a motorbike, it will be a bed! And that bed will be able to fly through the air. You only have two missions in the game – to defend the bed. You must also try to destroy the enemy’s bed. In the game you have weapons that you can use to attack other beds. They are grenades, guns, pistols, swords, bows and arrows – the list is really long. You can buy weapons with in-game currency – diamonds. You’ll get these in-game currency – diamonds – from successful battles. The more expensive the weapon, the better it will attack. Don’t forget to upgrade your weapons so that they attack your opponents more effectively.

Battle progress

You won’t be alone in battle. Depending on the mode you will have companions. For example, in team mode there are four teams of four players each. You will attack the enemy teams by flying close to your opponents and attacking their beds. There’s also a battle royale mode, where 24 players will fight against each other. The goal of the players is to destroy all the opponents. If at least one player from the team remains alive, the team wins. If you or your team wins, you are rewarded with diamonds that you can spend on weapons and improvements. There are many different types of weapons in the game and you can choose any, thus customising the game to suit you and making it more comfortable.

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